Longhorn Marketplace is a search engine and sale page for Texas Longhorn breeders. The goal is to make a site that is easy to navigate and search for cattle based on color or measurement or pedigree.

We also have a sale page that is available to everyone, to buy or sell, without having to plan for or travel. You can post an animal for sale the same day that you decide you want to sell, and it can be seen by hundreds of buyers that same day. Breeders are able to filter out the cattle they aren’t interested in, and get right to the ones they are by using the search options. We are trying to make the sale process easy for everyone involved.

We have hauling options if you are interested in cattle that are out of your travel range and we will get you a price estimate on hauling.

We hope that breeders treat Longhorn Marketplace as the "Craigslist" for Texas Longhorn Cattle, where you can post cattle at year round and it’s the first place to look when it’s time to start or add to your herd.

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